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Patron donations go toward mission resources, ambassador rewards, and Earth Rescue Club community approved charities. 

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Earth Rescue Club Expenses

Most media and marketing is performed by volunteers, although a small portion of revenue goes to help cover web, hosting and monthly overhead expenses.

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Looking for other ways to help save the earth? You can always donate your time and energy by subscribing to our fun and educational newsletter, joining Earth Rescue Club Missions & by initiating causes.

Drip by Drip

Food Resouces

We help spread food & home goods from wealthy areas to regions of need.

Housing Resources

We help homeless travelers settle into reasonable living accommodations. 

Hero Missions

We give all walks of life a purpose, by providing karma tokens for achieving earth rescue missions.

We did put the fun into saving the earth, but survival is NOT a game. We believe humanity deserves the right to live on this beautiful planet. Just because some of our ancestors made big mistakes, doesn’t mean we deserve to go extinct… 

Will you help us survive tomorrow, and build a brighter today? It’s going to take everything we’ve got, and this could be our last chance. Many countries still have a long way to go, and after the global health pandemic, the earth needs all the heroes we can get.

Rock Solid Values

Love is at the core of Earth Rescue Club. We cherish each other, this earth, and all the world’s citizens. So long as love is in our hearts, and gratitude is in our actions, we have nothing to fear.

Consciousness is our power. Some may call this God. None of us are absent from the aether. Without awareness of the source of creation, we’d all be lost.

Education with conscious gratitude, allows us to guide our children to ensure we don’t make the same mistakes we made yesterday, tomorrow.

Get In Touch or Visit The Virtual Club Anytime 

We encourage all visitors to grow with us, as we unite to make the world a better place. Please connect with us however you feel most comfortable. The heart of our community can be found in the Discord channel.

(256) 333-5559

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